Status : Inactive not really working on the page

I love drinking oil - Oil is so nutrient rich! - You think if I drink enough oil I can style on the bitches?

This Website is primarily for sending to others to know more about me or just to look at my art/ocs!

WEBSITE UPDATES - Last Updated 7/12/23

Currently Working on OCs, & Shrines. They were started and have menus but what they link to isnt finished so its just a video for now

Im going to take a breather and work on the other parts of the website, primarly the MUSIC/ART sections, which should be relatively fast and easy to do

GRAHHHH CURRENTLY REFRESHING AND ADDING MORE GIFS AND STUFF TO THIS PAGE!!! Big massive shoutout to my friend vee! She's been getting me into html coding and making my website so much haha

- Video Of The Month! - JULY -

Oh look at them go, awww look at it go the little skrinkle awwwww dawwwww so cute little baby mans!!!! mayor of cutesville. look at them crawl around and strut awwwwwwwww